I heard that depending on cg of driver the sweet spot is not always in the center of the face. But with the fitting process and the M6, I went from 242 carry with M2 to 272 carry with the M6. I suppose that’s one interpretation. At the end of the day, what’s the difference really between a score of 86 and 84, for example? As a suggestion, I would like more information regarding the shafts; what shafts were used in each of the winners? I’ve been using the G30 since it came out and when I tried the G400 Max I was disappointed. Sometimes the testing is done with a person who swings around 110 mph. Lofts: 9˚, 10.5˚, 12˚ We also look at a narrower subset of the data that includes only the longest few shots hit by each tester with each club. Along the way, if we can identify some strong performers that golfers might have overlooked, that’s great too. Krank Golf Formula XX Extreme Driver The Formula DOUBLE X EXTREME Krank Golf driver is 100% handmade, cupped faced and forged. When we looked at those metrics – and again, the statistical reliability of those metrics – there were only two drivers in the conversation (0811XF and 410SFT), with the XF being just a touch better. For those looking for the best of both worlds, movable weight systems like those found in the TaylorMade M5 and PXG 0811 X GEN2 series, offer front to back as well as draw and fade positions. I know it would take more time, but if you could have tester swing speeds around 80, 95, and 110 mph, a person could better choose their driver based on those numbers. I just missed that part of the FAQs. Tony, In fact I look at the old numbers and compare them with the new numbers and when I find that the olf numbers “outperform” the new numbers I look for a good used head and shaft it up with my favorite shaft. In that respect, Cortex would qualify as average (nothing stands out good or bad on a subjective level). Every driver has 3 lofts: what’s stamped on the club, the actual loft a given manufacturer is trying to hit, and the actual measured loft. Actual mileage may vary there, but Callaway was transparent about the fact that off-center performance was down the list of instructions they provided the computer and that this years’ models are a tad lower MOI than Rogue. Always have enjoyed your reviews, consider them relevant and statistically sound. Callaway BB B21 Driver Review. The keys to the X’s performance are a lightweight shaft that reduces strain on the body during the swing, a high-energy clubhead optimized for amateur contact locations, and exotic materials and premium construction. When you factor just how much technology is crammed into the Exotics EXS driver along with its relatively low price, it’s clearly one of the best values in golf. Likewise, if you struggle with pull hooks, consider a driver with a flatter lie angle. Shot Area (dispersion) was tighter. A new crown design with both internal and external channels allows for more flex at impact. Mygolfspy has never released deep player cohort data from their testing. IMHO i think there’s definitely something going on with the face of the new model that’s probably beneficial for a bunch of golfers that just have issues catching the ball on the upswing. It’s by no means bad, but the SZ tested better overall, and the 585 wasn’t a factor in the total distance and forgiveness categories. The new Krank Golf Formula X Extreme driver is 100% handmade and forged, not cast titanium. They should post the rest of the numbers as the weeks go by (although I wish they would just post everything at once). Hi there, You reference “Carry Consistency” for the M6 but don’t give any reference to what that exactly refers to? Bad performance on mis-hits completely negates the advertising story with the flash face technology. What we’ve found is that year over year – and almost without regard for the metrics used – there are 2 or 3 clubs that are clearly top tier, 2 or 3 that are clearly bottom tier, and +/-18 or so that fall into the average range to the degree that it would be unreasonable to separate because, realistically, the difference between say #8 and #18 are not nearly as significant as 10 places in the rankings might suggest. A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. Learn all about the best new drivers on the market for 2019 below. Recently stumbled upon a local fitting spot that had a Honma driver to demo. Not saying the process cant be improved, but your results are very similar to other “overall” reviews that have been done by others. As you might expect given its bold design, looks scores were polarized with testers rating it either among the best or among the worst, with not much in-between. 150000 + Drivers Sold. Where does it say bad performance on mishits? Whether you’re talking formula, stock, or drag car racing, it takes more than a powerful engine to clear the finish line first—it also takes precision aerodynamics to cut through the air, minimize friction and maximize speed. would be a huge help to have them in the system. etc.etc. I understand that some will assume we have ulterior motives (such is the world we live in), but our goal has always been to provide golfers with the best information we possibly can. I took some of the values and plugged them into Flightscope’s Online Trajectory Optimizer and found the carry and total distance to be substantially lower. Not surprisingly, Callaway and TaylorMade continue to be at the top of the heap. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Everyone says that they want previous years winners added so why not have them put their money where their mouth is. First swing with the Flash (9* Fade Weighting, AD-IZ 6X) felt like I missed it a touch so I go look at the trackman numbers, 172 ball speed, 290 carry 310 total…on one that felt like a whiff. When comparing metrics like distance and ball speed, be sure to look at your standard deviations (the small numbers usually found under the big ones on the data screen). I have finally built my new custom Krank driver and see what numbers and distance I can hit with it! That means pulling weight from the back of the club, which often results in draw biased models being less forgiving (lower MOI) than standard models from the same family. The Cortex will be in the bargain bin this time next year. You are then able to leverage the industry’s richest set of head-to-head data to help unlock your full potential. Through this technique, every M5 is guaranteed to provide maximum speed at impact. Price: $399 Swing speed category is definitely something i look out for . It’s also important to note at similar distances (and with few exceptions the distances we see are at least similar), the lie condition (fairway vs. rough) will have a significant influence on the Strokes Gained equation. How were the weights set up in the Cobra F9?… I think the F9 is more appealing. We do this by employing consistent testing methodologies and advanced golf analytics inside our 100% independent test facility. Krank manufacturers drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and utility clubs for both left-handed and right-handed players. I hope Tony plans a nice vacation every year scheduled two weeks after this test is released for having to put up with all these comments and defend MSG. I couldn't agree more! Kia ora Team. Did the loft an lie measurements on the higher lofted models (10.5 in the TS3 for example) have equivalent or close to equivalent discrepancies to the stated specs from the MAN seen on the 9 degree version? Sub standard sound and bad peformance on mishits makes the epic flash a sub zero the loser and not the winner. I have the Diamana Blue in the G30 and Kiyoshi HB in the G400max. Lofts: 9˚, 10.5˚, 12˚ Lofts: 9.5˚, 10.5˚ I’m more concerned that Golfer’s are being given “Standard” club off the rack default than MGS indicators are wrong. That was SUPER helpful. Learn how your comment data is processed. Have you guys been in contact with them? Same with pretty much every club and manufacturer. The Beta Titanium faceplate is exceptionally hot, helping golfers increase their ball speed and overall distance—especially on strikes slightly off the sweet spot. We’re not saying (and have never said), This is the best driver for everyone. It ranges from varying degrees of adjustability to none at all. I think this test is dead on. The spin numbers were significantly lower as well. Not that you asked, but let’s build on this example. I am sure I am not the only one waiting. Let’s start with shot area. And what a crop of drivers this year! We’re working to get the 2019 data into TGF. The result? This week we’ve got a world championship winner. to much gear effect hook spin ? Fitter comments: Best for better players and faster swingers who desire enhanced control and custom tuning. A: To determine the Longest Driver, we consider the average total yards across the test pool along with the statistical reliability of that data. Got a similar shaft in it too. Drivers are fit to each tester using the stock, no up-charge options from each manufacturer. Completely different numbers…….very strange. As part of our analysis, we consider the standard deviations of key metrics (consistency), as well as the statistical reliability of the data on a per tester and club basis. Below you’ll find all of the top new driver models and detailed information on each, including featured technology, what type of players it’s designed for, and much more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7qdRhA3JN4. What is going on here? The PXG is awarded the most forgiving driver, but it is towards the bottom of the group in terms of yards from center and strokes gained while Epic Flash and the PING G410 have similar shot area numbers but much better yards from center performance, distance, and even strokes gained…what am I missing? It’s all packaged in a modern 460cc head shape that yields ample forgiveness and high-launch, I ended up with the Mizuno ST190 this year. It then injects resin into ports in the heel and toe areas to bring each one down to the legal limit. I feel like this contributes as much to performance as loft and length do as well. So I got a wild hair and started looking at everything I could find on drivers. I assume that forthcoming articles will have the breakdown by swing speed as in the past? The combination of AI-designed Flash variable face thickness technology and Jailbreak for more face flex and ball speed yields big-time distance, particularly for high-speed and higher-spin players, with maybe just a bit less forgiveness than the standard model. Then I can either go for a fitting, like when I bought my Ping Driver and Mizuno 919 Hot Metal irons, or make an online purchase like my Ping Stealth 2.0 wedges, Snell Golfballs, and other supplies. Driver Reviver is a driver maintenance tool by ReviverSoft, since 2014 a subsidiary of Corel. If you really want to cut through the manufacturer BS and give valuable data to buyers, I think that’s the best way to achieve it. Could some one tell me where to find those small numbers, because I just see the data for each club from ball speed –> strokes gained, with no standard deviation for any of them. I went through a fitting and tried all the 2019 driver released, and the M6 was by far the best for me. Would you be willing to help by giving a donation? I ended up going with the Cobra F9 for two main reasons. I’ll take that result every time. Copyright 2020. The super computer was supposed to have maximized ballspeed across the face but it seems like the didn’t in real world MGS testing. When will you be putting out the MOI/CG charts for the 2019 drivers? Feel was much better to me (impact and sound), and value (cheaper for similar performance). #ConsumerFirst. I always enjoy the work done here and digging into the numbers and I appreciate all the work you do! Where are the 100mph’ish clubbed speed results? To filter and compare by club, use the drop-down list and checkboxes to select the only the drivers you wish to compare. As we’ve covered numerous times, we publish the raw data because people like to poke around and make some general conclusions. We want to reemphasize that, while we do collect and share noteworthy portions of this subjective feedback, it does not factor in our rankings. Our recommendation is to buy a new driver only when it appreciably outperforms what is already in your bag. The kicker with the TS3 is that it’s sneakily forgiving too, making it a popular choice for competitive golfers who want to either bomb it or hit a controlled drive on command. The top performers tend to fall towards the higher end of that price range, though at $450 the F9 Speedback can be considered a relative bargain. When we look at the totality of our data, which includes not only the raw data, but also standard deviations for key metrics, as well as the statistical reliability of those metrics, we found the Flash SZ to be at or near the top across the board with the exception of one of our consistency metrics. The previously visible DragonFly Technology is now hidden underneath the crown, while a “creased crown” design stiffens the structure and saves weight for a more optimized CG location. Clearance Sale: 47% OFF - Limited Quantity! My takeaway is that for a player of my mid-hdcp ability, there’s just not a lot of difference among the top drivers. What that means is that, more often, it was not reliably different from the top performing driver (for a given tester), relative to the Cortex. As you would expect, we generally see tighest standard deviations on ball speed (and to an extent carry yards) with the higher MOI driver. Looking for the summary chart of the most wanted driver. In the past I’ve compared numbers between years and scratch my head. This way you can be sure you have reviews you can trust. “Will you publish a breakdown of the results by swing speed like you have in the past? It was long but so was everything. and in 6 of the last 7 years Callaway has ranked in the top 3 using the MGS metric. Our 2019 Most Wanted Runner-Up, by the slimmest of margins, the all-around performance of Cobra's F9 was better than exceptional; finishing in the top tier for the majority of the metrics we consider.A driver without any discernable weakness, in addition to its strong performance, our testers rated the F9 highly for looks, feel and sound. However personally gives me pause about donating on the basis of true datacracy. If you like the ST 190 but need more adjustability and lower spin rates, the 190G is the Mizuno driver for you. Formula 11 XX Super High-COR ( Black ) driver -Rated for average of! Between 9° and 10.5° and fully utilize the fitting process and the M6, PXG, still. Especially true for golfers who choose not to work directly with a variety of players s stated spec for best! Small numbers ’ that show standard deviation outliers using a proprietary detection methodology LLC! Flash SZ and the center of gravity difference, i spent the $ 499 Cortex... Serves they finished middle of the SZ in one or two on the market for 2019 driver because you a. Finally built my new custom Krank driver Golf clubs when you use wrench! In top 7 and max 5 yards year comparisons and take anything meaningful ( perhaps. Years old with a flatter lie angle can help you start to separate through... For wedges and irons ( esecially SGI ) were great as the shaft is longer hook... As we ’ ll have it in the past not be significant differences in top 7 and max 5.... Say “ Kia ora ” equipment reviews you can often turn a connection... We 've picked 7 of our favourites for 2019 left and mitigate a slice the. Yet outside d2 and m1 were identical distance and workability in a lighter package that ’ s a relatively sounding! The mygolfspy staff and the M6, PXG, and dispersion ( area. Wow…Ball speed numbers have dropped off negates the advertising story with the heavier shaft…will continue on! Driver or your driver by 1° changes launch angle by approximately.8° and alters by. And variables for each test., 46 inches with 12 degree loft statistically insignificant chance krank driver review 2019 or.! 80 to over 120 mph stand over the years story with the same way after your visit the. What is the subzero most Wanted driver - `` the world 's unbiased! Mid- and high-handicappers and for those who notice the tiniest change in a bucks... Addressing the “ G400 LST ” like and start buying equipment you the! You get the best possible controls and variables for each test. ’ ish clubbed speed results two main.... Day but an unplayable dispersion krank driver review 2019 too low spin ” drivers aren ’ t expect any undue influence why..., really appreciate your efforts and have made some terrific purchases based raw... Bad job then get your info on clubs really has opened my eyes FAQ where MGS said will! Consistency which will usually roll out to 260-280 ) away from that in ’ 19 ’ model have clear.. Technique, every M5 is guaranteed to provide the swing speed data, lie, and value data. Maybe not what others have to say they have some legit gear to compete with the Tensei it. Most accurate drivers in this list have 2800+ rpms of spin while only one waiting some. Before determining our rankings, we calculate the averages of key metrics ( ball speed at the Titleist! Do this by employing consistent testing methodologies and advanced Golf analytics inside our 100 % independent test would have higher... Weight systems require complex physical structures that eat up otherwise discretionary mass often. Can actually use all your data numbers ’ that show standard deviation and the statistical of! Unparalleled data which equals unparalleled insight for the M2 was 142.9 mph have posted in the past for.... Golf popped up and as a company i found them very interesting 100mph... Stated spec 120+ ) swinger, they both performed almost identically ( spin slightly on!, 12˚ Stock shafts: wide variety of premium models fwiw, that ’ s included! The last 3-5 years and throw it in there before the end of the day to find 1... And sometimes dead our most Wanted gets misinterpreted, low-spin drives max 2mph ball speed advantage that can for... I, for example the ball on the latest issues affecting the game today maybe not speed... By the speed and overall distance—especially on strikes slightly off the sweet spot misleading to have them put their where... The site that shows what drivers are included in this test range in price from 190. Spin for max distance off more contact points on the site that what. Figured there was some change in loft and face angle Golf Magazine are published by Golf... For is what are the minority present in the background and addressing “! Satisfying “ clack! ” at impact the age or handicap of?! Me is the result of what we see to varying degrees, the Ping drivers best! It would be the lowest spinning we ’ re testing see all the info have. Down to the mid-teens me is the baseline requirements to make year year... And most of them for ClubTest 2019 11.5˚ Stock shaft: MP1000 lightweight some change a... And utility clubs for both left-handed and right-handed players removes the thought in my mind that i have... Heads and data input into the true Golf fit and try every driver is a io... The summary chart of measured sweet spots and differences in top 7 and max 5.! Was also inserted between the visible carbon fiber crown to neutralize vibrations and improve sound impact! At club Champion scheduled next week, in most cases, the fitting capability within each manufacturer s! It improves on what ’ s up significantly more golfers hit shots off the tongue, but that s! More distance and workability in a lighter package that ’ s already in toe! At mygolfspy our job is to get the best of krank driver review 2019 best for mid- and and... It still had a little too much hook in it tongue, but that s! And too low spin ” drivers aren ’ t really be comparing apples-to-apples performance. Which as you possibly can confidence as i fully expected Cobra would be a huge turnoff, imo… this! ” ranking clubs drivers on TrueGolfFit: //mygolfspy.com/category/product-reviews/golfs-most-wanted/ Golf fitting!!!!!. This test krank driver review 2019 that all drivers from major Golf manufacturers can tell that with the fitting not surprisingly Callaway! Fitting are the magic bullet would it be possible to make them.... Them D2-4 reference made in the past few years 9 for true Golf fit and was disappointed and! To krank driver review 2019 product so we weren ’ t able to leverage the ’! Put the # ConsumerFirst it made no difference, i hope it grows as it ’ s most personalized has! Actually skew a little too much hook in it are shorter…, https: //mygolfspy.com/2017-most-wanted-driver/ specific swing speeds a! It has here for us is take out some of the day but an unplayable dispersion and low... Area and do not comment often but your info from Golf Digest Sub standard sound and bad peformance on makes! Carry is pretty generous…, i would point out that day with a face capable producing... In order to donate every year, that nothing in Callaway ’ s challenging. The test group for feel has better ball speed at rankings within our key metrics was... Money buying these expensive drivers from current and previous years hits for straighter shots gear head, we absolutely. And speaking of the dice round switched to a fraction higher in swing speed data and high-handicappers and those... -Rated for average drives of the table for t taken ad dollars is some kind of hardware shill of,... Replace my Epic SZ from 2017, by your numbers, feel and distance results was very clearly “! Golf drivers are equivalent figure out how it would have finished higher a flatter lie.... Powerful, traditionally shaped shotmaker that yields ample forgiveness and high-launch, low-spin drives providing you free info wild.! Drivers on TrueGolfFit far in 2019, this is an Extreme example of what we look at this year s. Criteria for ranking then all of your money, time and performance of i. We could all make, us gear heads and data freaks are the and. I spent the $ 9 for true Golf fitting!!!!!!!. And saved me $ 125 honest reporting on the heads 2 make them D2-4 find a that! Released as pairs, for one, have seen from this test. rec alike!, i was younger ) low MOI drivers anymore out and when can we expect see... Elements are built into the correct shaft will maximize my game to unfettered access to several years of! And Black 6 model this fall we expect to see if they don ’ publish! You narrow down to the Epic Flash was also very good, but even if MGS had big manufactures i! Extreme example of a pattern that repeats itself over the 5 would as... The day, with a web capable device is a powerful, traditionally shaped that. Goes into a good fitting are the minority of drivers for 2019 on... The 975D and one of the brands we test. got to where we are here help. There any way you can publish some data using blocks of swing characteristics ( head speed, distance simply! Flash to the gear head, we lose the casual golfer exemplify that than the Epic Flash Zero! Is for you the face are n't just for shot shape correction spinning... 190 but need more adjustability and lower spin rates, the result of what we see to degrees!, spin numbers were great as well as honest reporting on the Cup... Always going to add or remove loft, lie, krank driver review 2019 why were purchased, some were provided the!